SLM Biotech Q1 M6 (Output)


What I Know Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. Write your answers in your notebook. 1. What biological technique is used to study the internal organs of specific organism? A. dissection C. microscopy B. tissue culture D. aseptic technique 2. Aseptic technique is synonymous with clean technique. A. True C. Maybe B. False D. Cannot be determined 3. Which of the following basic microscopy is appropriate to use in viewing bacteria or detail of fixed specimens? A. dark-field microscopy C. oil immersion microscopy B. bright-field microscopy D. phase contrast microscopy 4. Blunt dissection can be done by . A. fingers C. Both A and B B. probe D. None of the choices 5. Is it possible to have increased magnification without increased resolution? A. Yes C. Maybe B. No D. Cannot be determined 6. It is a set of infection control practices that it is necessary to use in operating rooms. A. Clean technique C. Aseptic technique B. Sterile technique D. Biological technique 7. _____ tissue culture is a type of tissue culture that involves isolating an organ for in vitro growth. A. Organ C. Embryo B. Callus D. Seed 8. It is carried out for making museum specimens. It appreciates the depth and relations of the deeper structures. What type of dissection is described? A. uni-structural C. comprehensive study B. Composite Window Corridor D. composite study 9. For plants undergoing tissue culture it needs . A. higher concentration of calcium C. normal concentration of calcium B. lower concentration of calcium D. cannot be determined 10. Aseptic technique is not the same as surgical asepsis. A. Yes C. Maybe B. No D. Cannot be determined 1

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