Simple tense


Grammar worksheet for practicing present simple and past simple (auxiliary verbs)

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Name:_________________ Dat e:__________________ Do Does Di d Compl etet hesent enceswi thDo/ Does/ Did accor dingt othebr acket s. 1._____youhaveadr iver 'sl i cens e?(Pr esentt ense) 2.Whathour s______s hewor konMonday? (Pr esentt ens e) 3.What______sheeatf orbr eakf ast ?(Pr esentt ens e) 4.When______youusual l ygethome? 5.How______pr isoner spasst hewhol edayi npr ison?(pr esentt ense) 6._______hecomei nwi thanyoneel se? (pastt ense) 7.What_____yousee?(pastt ense) 8.Whatex act ly_______y ouknow?(pr esentt ens e) 9.How______youpr act icey ourEngl i sh? (pr esentt ense) 10.I_____n' treadi tatal l ..(pastt ense) 1 1.Whatquest ions_____youaskyour sel fever yday? 12.Whatwoul dyou______t odayi fther eisnomor etomor row? 13.What______hef earmosti nli fe?(pastt ens e) 14.Why_______peopl ecr y? (pr esentt ense) 15.What _______t hebi blesayaboutsel fi shness? (pr esentt ens e) 16.______t heyknowaboutourpr obl ems? (pastt ens e) 17. _______y oubel i evei nli feaf terdeat h?(Pr esentt ense) 18.What______YouVal ueMos t?(pr esentt ense) 19._______Godhav eemot i cons?(pr esentt ense) Wor ksheet sPDF. com