Shopping for Clothes

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Shopping for Clothes Assistant: Can I help you? Customer: A Yes, could you tell me how much this skirt is, please? B Yes. I'm looking for something to go with these jeans. C Yes, I bought this skirt last week, but it’s too big. Assistant: I’m afraid that' the only size we have at the moment. Well, we have some new t-shirts in. They are half price, too. It’s £ 25.99 Customer: Do you accept Visa? They're nice. Do you have one dark blue? Could you order another one for me? Assistant: I’m afraid not. But there is a light blue one. Yes, of course. Yes, but it would take a month I'm afraid. Customer: OK, I'll take it then. That's nice, too. Could try it on? That's too late. I need it for a party on Saturday. Assistant: I'm sorry Would you like to choose something else? Fine. I'll just put it in a bag for you. Of course, the changing rooms are over here.

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