Sequence of Story

  1. English
  2. Stefanie Benson
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Read each statement. Use the drop down box to determine the order of each sentence. Maleeka is getting tired of Char and gets revenge on her in the lunch room. Maleeka gets into a fight because a girl thought she was kissing her boyfriend. It was untrue. It was Char. Char and the twins devise a plan to ruin Mrs. Saunders room. They make Maleeka a part of the plan. A new teacher, Mrs. Saunders, starts teaching English at Maleek’s school. Maleeka finally tells the truth after. She is much happier with the skin she is in and becomes a better person. Maleeka gets some new clothes because her mom got a bonus at work. After destroying the room, Maleeka gets in trouble because the janitor saw only her escape from the classroom. Maleeka gets picked on because of her skin and the clothes she wears. John-John gets in a fight. Maleeka tried helping but Caleb and his people came to help John-John. Maleeka decided to get a haircut so people would see her differently.