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SCIENCE 6 Name: __________________________________ Grade/Section: ________ Score: ______ School: ________________________________ Teacher: _____________________________ FIRST-QUARTER Written Test No. 4 Read the questions carefully. Choose the letter of the best answer. 1. What separation technique should you use to easily separate colored pebbles? A. Flotation technique B. Scooping technique C. Using handpicking technique. D. Using chopsticks to separate colored pebbles. 2. Which of the mixtures below can be separated by the flotation technique? A. A mixture of sand, rocks, and soil B. A mixture of pulp, juice, and honey C. A mixture of plastic and stuffed toys and water. D. A mixture of wastes and plastic bottles floating on a lake. 3. You and your friends decided to join in the “Clean-up Drive by the River” campaign. Garbage and other unnecessary wastes can be seen floating along the riverbanks. What tool and technique are best to use to remove wastes and other garbage materials? A. Using bare hands in handpicking technique. B. Use a sieve to separate waste from the river. C. Use a big tool for scooping and scoop out wastes to avoid water pollution. D. Use a filtering device like cloth to remove the wastes and garbage materials. 4. What is a simple distillation technique? A. A technique to get pure water B. A process of heating and cooling liquids. C. A way to cool down vapor from the original water form. SCHOOLS DIVISION OF PASIG CITY Caruncho, Avenue, San Nicolas, Pasig City

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