Science Grade 4 - Unit 2 - Comparing mass

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Name Use with pages 340–341. Comparing Mass The table below gives the masses of some common items. They have been rounded to the nearest tenth. Object Mass (in grams) grape 1.2 dime 3.8 peanut 1.4 paper clip 1.0 pen cap 2.6 1 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2 2.2 2.4 2.6 2.8 3 A B C D Use the graph to answer these questions. 1. Which point on the number line represents the mass of a grape? A. Point A C. Point C B. Point B D. Point D 2. Where on the number line would you plot the point for the mass of a dime? A. to the left of point A B. between point C and point D C. at point D D. to the right of point D 3. Which item weighs almost four times as much as a paper clip? A. grape C. peanut B. dime D. pen cap 4. If you arranged the items on the number line in order from least to greatest mass, what would be the correct order? A. peanut, grape, pen cap, paper clip, dime B. dime, pen cap, peanut, grape, paper clip C. paper clip, grape, peanut, pen cap, dime © Pearson Education, Inc. D. grape, peanut, paper clip, pen cap, dime Notes for Home: Your child learned how to read and compare decimal numbers on a number line. Home Activity: Help your child write several money amounts between one and two dollars. Then have your child arrange the amounts in order from least to greatest. Workbook Math in Science 106