SCIENCE EL 4 Magnets

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Name : Date : Score : Class : 6. Which of the following does not have a magnet in it? (1) Telephone (2) Torch (3) Computer (4) Mobile phone ( ) 7. Which of the following is not true about a magnet? (1) A magnet attracts another magnet. (2) A magnet repels another magnet. (3) A magnet attracts a magnetic object. (4) A magnet repels a magnetic object. ( ) 8. Two bar magnets are placed near each other as shown in the diagram. N N What would the reactions of the magnets be? (1) They will attract each other. (2) They will repel each other. (3) Nothing will happen. (4) They will move towards the left. ( ) 9. Objects Group A Group B Copper wire Iron bar Gold chain Nickel chain Which of the following may be placed in Groups A and B? Group A Group B (1) Silver clip Plastic band (2) Plastic band Aluminium foil (3) Aluminium foil Steel chip (4) Steel chip Cobalt ring ( ) 2

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