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CAMARINES NORTE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL PARALLEL ASSESSMENT SCIENCE 9 QUARTER 2-WEEK 3 LAS 3: EXPLAIN HOW IONS ARE FORMED Name : _______________________________Section: ________________________Score:__________ DIRECTION. Read each question carefully and write the letter of your answer on the space provided before the number. For numbers 1-5, choose from the following options. a. Nonpolar bond c. ionic bond b. Hydrogen bond d. polar bond ________ 1. Bond in Al2O3 ________ 2. Bond in an oxygen molecule ________ 3. Bond formed by magnesium and oxygen ________ 4. Bond between water molecules ________ 5. Bond between hydrogen and oxygen (H-O) For numbers 6-15, choose from the following elements with their electron configurations: a. J (1s22s1) c. L (1s22s22p3) 2 2 5 b. K (1s 2s 2p ) d. M (1s22s22p6) ________6. It is a metal ________7. It is a noble gas ________8. It can form a cation ________9. It has seven valence electrons ________10. It can form an ionic bond with J ________11. It will unlikely form a compound ________12. It can form an ionic bond with atom K ________13. It can form a triple bond with another similar atom ________14. It can form 3 covalent bonds ________15. It can form a single covalent bond with another similar atom

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