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CAMARINES NORTE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMANCE TASK SCIENCE 9 QUARTER 2- WEEK 2 LAS 2: TYPES OF COMPOUNDS BASED ON THEIR PROPERTIES Name: _________________________Section: ______________Date Submitted: __________Score: _______ A. Directions: Use the periodic table to identify the element in each formula; Fill in Table 1 by categorizing each element as either metal or non-metal then determine the type of bond each compound has. Classify the compound if it is ionic or covalent. TYPE OF BOND FORMULA METALS NON-METALS I- ionic C- covalent Example: NaCl Sodium Chlorine Ionic CO Na2O CH4 CaCO3 HCl B. Directions. Fill in the graphic organizer below with information about the types of compounds and their properties. Choose your response from the list of words in the box. Words can be used more than once. + + + or Covalent Compounds Non-metal Ionic Compounds Compounds Metal Metalloid