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CAMARINES NORTE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL PARALLEL ASSESSMENT SCIENCE 9 QUARTER 2, WEEK 4 MODULE 4: THE CARBONS COMPOUNDS AND CHEMICAL BONDS Name : ________________________________Section: ____________________Score:_____________ I. Below are some of the properties of an Organic and Inorganic Compounds. Read each statement and identify whether it is ORGANIC or INORGANIC. ________________1. It is usually do not contain carbon atom. ________________2. Compounds with low melting and boiling point. ________________3. Contain long and complex chain of molecules. ________________4. It is usually combustible and flammable. ________________5. Compounds with high melting and boiling point. ________________6. It is characterized by carbon hydrogen bonds. ________________7. Compounds form by living organisms. ________________8. Presence of covalent bond as well as ionic. II. Read each question carefully and write the letter of your answer on the space provided before the number. ________9. Which element is considered the foundation for making organic compounds? a. Nitrogen b. Oxygen c. Carbon d. Potassium ________10. What type of bond are present in propene? a. Single bond b. double bond c. triple bond d. pi bond ________11. What is the maximum number of bonds that can be formed by a carbon atom? a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 ________12. Which of the following structures is incorrect? a. b. c. d. ________13. What happens to the boiling point of hydrocarbon compounds when the number of Carbon atoms increases? The boiling point ______ a. increases c. increases then decreases b. decreases d. remains the same ________14. Which alkene will most likely have a very low boiling point? a. ethene b. propene c. butene d. hexene ________15. Which alkane will most likely have the highest boiling point? a. propane b. butane c. hexane d. octane