Science 5 Q1 LAS 1

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LEARNING ACTIVITY SHEETS 1 SCIENCE 5 Name: ___________________________ Date: _________ Score: _________ Am I Useful or Not? Activity 1: Harmful or Useful? Directions: Connect the products to their proper classification. Then put a check (/) in the column whether these products are useful or harmful. Useful/Harmful Products Products Useful/Harmful Fungicides Personal Body Care Disinfectant Ibuprofen Fertilizer Facial wash Cleaning agents Shampoo Body wash Detergent Herbicides Medicine Hand Amoxicillin Sanitizer Conditioner Paracetamol Farm Chemicals Bath soap Alcohol Vinegar Cough Food Reagents syrup Pesticide Guide Questions: 1. What are the characteristics unique to each group of products? 2. Can products be interchanged in their use? Why or why not? 3. In the above list of materials, are there products that can be interchanged in terms of their use? Quarter 1 Weeks 1-2 (Pag-aari ng Pamahalaan. Hindi Ipinagbibili) Target Competencies: Use the properties of materials whether they are useful or harmful (S5MT-Ia-b-1).