Unit 15 - Science 3 Study Note

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Name Lesson 1 Summary Use with pp. 423–427 Lesson 1: What are some patterns that repeat every day? Vocabulary star a giant ball of hot, glowing gases axis the imaginary line around which Earth spins rotation one complete spin on an axis The Sun Shadows Did you know the Sun is a star? A star Have you ever sat in the shade of a tree? is a giant ball of hot, glowing gases. It is Did you know that you were sitting in a the main source of light and heat for Earth. shadow? Three things are needed to see a Earth does not glow or make its own light. shadow: light, an object to block the light, and It is also much smaller than the Sun. The a surface on which the shadow can form. half of Earth’s surface facing the Sun is A shadow forms when light hits an lit by sunlight. The half of Earth’s surface object. The object stops this light. The facing away from the Sun is dark. shadow is an area behind the object that is not getting direct light. The shadow has Day and Night about the same shape as the object that Earth is moving all the time. One way blocks the light. that Earth moves is by spinning around, or The size and shape of shadows change rotating. Earth spins on its axis. An axis during the day. Shadows are long in the is an imaginary line. One end of the line early morning hours. They stretch in the sticks out of Earth at the North Pole. The opposite direction of the Sun. This means other end of the line sticks out of Earth at shadows stretch toward the west. At noon, the South Pole. the Sun is at its highest point in the sky. Earth spins in a complete circle every Shadows are very short. Shadows become 24 hours. This is called rotation. Half long again as the afternoon passes. Now, of Earth always faces the Sun. That half the shadows stretch toward the east. This of Earth has day. The half of Earth that is in the opposite direction of the setting is not facing the Sun has night. As Earth Sun. Once the Sun sets, there is no more spins, the part of Earth that is in darkness sunlight to make shadows. slowly gets more sunlight. A new day © Pearson Education, Inc. 3 begins. At the same time, the part of Earth that was lit by sunlight slowly becomes darker. Daytime ends. This is a pattern that happens every day. 96 Chapter 15, Lesson 1 Summary Quick Study

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