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Name Lesson 1 Summary Use with pp. 391–395 Lesson 1: What causes sounds? Vocabulary vibration a very quick back-and-forth movement pitch how high or low a sound is The Causes of Sound Stringed instruments make sounds when Sounds are all around us. Some sounds they are plucked. All harp strings vibrate are soft, like falling rain. Other sounds are when they are plucked. Their vibrations loud, like car horns. Some sounds are nice make sounds. Short, thin, and tight strings to hear, like music. Other sounds might vibrate quickly. The sounds they make bother you or can even hurt your ears. We have higher pitches. Longer, thicker strings hear different sounds every day. But all vibrate more slowly. Their sounds have sounds are alike in at least one way. All lower pitches. sounds are made when matter moves. Using Air to Make Sound Sounds happen because matter moves The sound of your voice also comes back and forth very quickly, causing from vibrations. You have vocal cords in movements called vibrations. The speed your throat. The cords vibrate when air of these vibrations makes sounds different. passes between them. Your vocal cords also Pitch is how high or low a sound is. tighten when you speak. The pitch of your Objects that vibrate slowly make sounds voice depends on how tight your vocal with low pitches. Objects that vibrate cords are. The pitch of your voice is higher quickly make sounds with high pitches. when your vocal cords are tighter. Hitting or Plucking to Wind instruments make sounds when air Make Sound inside them vibrates. You make sounds on a trumpet by blowing into it and vibrating A drum makes a soft sound when you your lips. This makes an air column inside hit it lightly. A drum makes a louder sound the trumpet vibrate. You can change the when you hit it harder. The loudness of trumpet’s pitch by changing the length the sound depends on how much the of this vibrating column. You can change drumhead moves. The drumhead moves the length of the vibrating column by farther back and forth in order to make a changing how your lips vibrate. You can louder sound. also press on the trumpet’s valves. This changes the length of the vibrating air © Pearson Education, Inc. 3 column inside the trumpet. 92 Chapter 14, Lesson 1 Summary Quick Study

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