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Name: ______________________________________ Year & Section: ________________ Date: _____________ Section I: Multiple Choice Choose the of the correct answer. 1. What does the Plate Tectonic Theory explain about the lithosphere of the Earth? A. It is fragmented into several segments B. The lithosphere is rotating around the mantle C. The lithosphere is not rigid and therefore flows like a fluid D. It is one whole integrated system that floats on top of the mantle 2. How many MAJOR tectonic plates are there in the Earth’s lithosphere? A. eight B. nine C. seven D. six 3. What can be traced when volcanoes, earthquake epicenters and mountain ranges are marked on the map? A. places where archipelagos exist B. countries with thin oceanic crust C. boundaries between tectonic plates D. areas prone to typhoons and storms 4. Which of these observations indicates that the Philippines has active volcanoes and a high frequency of earthquakes? a. The Philippines is near a big body of water. b. The country is far from a tectonic plate boundary. c. The country is near the boundary of two tectonic plates. d. The Philippines is located at the center of a tectonic plate. 5. What property is referred to as the ability of partially melted solid to flow like a liquid? A. Plasticity B. Flammability C. Viscosity D. Thickness SECTION II. ACRONYM PHIVOLCS - _______________________________________________________________________ PNRI - _____________________________________________________________________________ MGB - _____________________________________________________________________________

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