Rotation and revolution

  1. Science
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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Guided Notes on Rotation and Revolution ROTATION The Earth’s movement through _______ affects life on Earth. We experience ___________________ because of this movement on the Earth’s ______ known as ____________. It takes the Earth _____________ to rotate one time in which we experience __________________ . The Earth’s axis is an invisible line that_________________ the Earth through both the______________________________. REVOLUTION The Earth moves along a path around the ________. This path is known as an __________. One complete trip on this path around the sun is known as a _______________. It takes the Earth___________________ to complete it’s journey around the Sun. Every _________________, we take the extra 1/4 days from the previous years, combine them and add an extra day to the calendar called ______________________________. space day and night revolution rotation intersects axis orbit North and South poles Sun 4 years 24 hours day and night 365 1/4 days