Rome Vocabulary Quiz for Edform

  1. History
  2. 6 Grade
  3. Jamie Mincey
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Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire Vocabulary and Key People Quiz Directions: Fill in the blank with the correct vocabulary term. #1-4 1. The wealthiest, most powerful citizens of Rome were known as Patricians ____________________. Plebeians Republic Representatives 2. The ____________________, or common people of Rome, made up 90% of the populations and included farmers, soldiers, and merchants. 3. In a ____________________, citizens have the right to choose their leaders. 4. ____________________ are people who are elected by the people to serve in the government. #5-8 Tribunes 5. The ____________________ was the governing body of ancient Rome. Senate Dictator Gospels 6. The first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John that tell the story of Jesus’ life are also called the ____________________. 7. A ____________________ has total control over the people. 8. ____________________ were appointed to protect the rights of the plebeians. #9-12 9. A ____________________ is a Roman ruler. Caesar Catacombs Gladiators 10. ____________________ is the monotheistic religion based on the teachings of Christianity Jesus. 11. Most of the ____________________ that fought in the Colosseum, where prisoners of war, slaves, or Christians. 12. Early Christians worshipped underground in ____________________, because they faced death if they were caught worshipping Jesus. #13-16

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13. The ruler of an empire is called a/an ____________________. Emperor Disciples New Testament 14. The story of Jesus’ life can be found in the second section of the Bible called Consuls the ___________________. 15. Two ____________________ were elected to serve as the head of the government and the head of the military. 16. The followers and students of Jesus were known as his ____________________. #17-21 Apostle 17. Romans would ____________________ early Christians and were cruel to Auction them because they refused to worship Roman gods. Persecute Messiah 18. A Christian leader that was chosen by Jesus is known as a(n) Pope ____________________ . 19. The ____________________ is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. 20. Christians believe Jesus is their promised ____________________, or savior. 21. In 235 AD, the position of Emperor went to the highest bidder in a/an ___________________.