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  1. English
  2. Elsa Novia Barata
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Road Signs Match the Words to the Pictures 1 Maximum Speed Limit 60 Mph 2 Caution Cows in road 3 Men At work 4 Falling rocks B C 5 Slippery Road A 6 Traffic lights ahead A C 7 Caution horse riders ahead 8 Roundabout ahead 9 No over taking 10 School Crossing D E F 11 Steep downhill ahead D 12 Bumpy road 13 Parking 14 Tunnel ahead 15 Caution Kangaroos G I 16 Possible queuing G H 17 Cross roads ahead 18 Give way to traffic 19 No Cars or motorcycles 20 No U turn J L 21 One way 22 Train tracks ahead K 23 Stop J N O M M R P Q S V W T U