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Science - Grade 10 ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES I. INTRODUCTORY CONCEPT Filipinos are fond of using cellphones for gaming, texting and calling, watching our favorite movies and teleseryes, live performances, and concerts of both local and foreign artists. We also love to listen to music and songs of our idolized singers and performers. Have you ever wondered why the performances of these artists can be watched on our television even though they are very far? How the messages of your friends and families reached you through cellphones? The Philippines is now facing this very alarming pandemic known as COVID- 19. One of the ways on how to detect the symptoms of this disease is through the use of thermal scanners that uses infrared radiation. In hospitals gamma rays and x- rays are used to diagnose and treat diseases. These three types of EM waves can be useful or harmful depending on its use. II. LEARNING COMPETENCIES MELC: Cite examples of practical applications of the different regions of EM Waves, such as the use of radio waves in telecommunications. (S10FE-IIc-d-48) Objectives: 1. Define or describe the different types of Electromagnetic (EM) waves. 2. Compare the frequencies and wavelength of the different Electromagnetic (EM) waves. 3. Cite useful applications of different Electromagnetic (EM) waves. III. ACTIVITIES ELICIT: Let’s check your prior knowledge about our lesson for today. Answer the questions below. Directions: Identify what is being asked or described in each item then write the letter of the correct answer in your answer sheet. 1. What is the best application of very high frequency radio waves? A. AM radio broadcasting B. FM radio broadcasting C. Satellite communication D. TV broadcasting and satellite communication RO_Science_Grade10_Q2_LP3 1

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