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Read the passage and then choose the best answer A, B , C or D for the following questions. Linda Shaw was about to have her evening meal with parents and grandmother when something rather frightening happened. The family had just sat down at a table in the dining room and had called Linda’s brother Tony to join them when three armed men broke in. One of the men pointed a gun at them while another held a knife. The family were all terrified, except Tony who was watching television that he had no idea anything was wrong . The men began to put everything that was valuable into a large bag. While stealing things, they didn’t see Linda write the word “HELP” on the piece of paper . Linda dropped the paper out of the window on the street. Two passengers saw it and called the police . A few minutes later the police caught them. After they were being taken away .Tony was bewildered. He had been watching television throughout the whole incident. 16. The accident happened ___________ A. after Linda and her family had finished having an evening meal. B. while Linda and her family were having an evening meal. C. when Linda and her family were about to have an evening meal. D. while Linda and her family were sleeping. 17. Tony is Linda’s _________. A. brother B. grandfather C. cousin D. father 18. While the men were stealing things, __________. A. Tony went out to phone the police. B. Linda wrote the word “HELP” on the paper and dropped it out of the window. C. Linda was watching TV. D. Tony watched them and said nothing. 19. It can be inferred from the story that the men __________. A. stole all the valuable things and left B. weren’t able to steal anything C. were caught D. B and C Choose the correct word or phrase to fill in the blank: When I arrived at Jenny’s house, the party had already started. She touched me by the arm and asked if I would like to be introduced to a boy from the school across the road from myhouse. Before I (20)_____ the chance to answer, she had left me alone with him. He looked a bit (21)_____ with everything, and I wasn’t looking (22)_____ to talking to him. But he asked where I was from and which school I went to, and soon we were (23)______ everything under the sun. Like me, he was (24)_____ in films, but as well as the famous films that everybody knew about, he had seen ones nobody else had heard of. 20. A. had B. have C. has D. had had 21. A. sorry B. bored C. proud D. angry 22. A. a lot B. foward C. happy D. much 23. A. chat B. chatted C. chating D. chatting 24. A. interested B. keen C. passionate D. fond

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