Review unit 7.1

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I. Read and choose more than one correct answer. 1. People can sit on _____________. a. chair b. lamp c. couch 2. You can see a _____________ in a subtraction math problem. a. test score b. single-digit number c. minus sign 3. The car can be _____________. a. clean b. thirsty c. dirty 4. A _____________ works in a kitchen. a. baker b. cook c. jar 5.You can sit on/ in this. a. bathtub b. lamp c. clock 6. This can be crowded. a. horse b. motorcycle c. cable car 7. This can flow. a. tea b. ice pop c. solid 8. Today people often carry the heavy things by large vehicle like __________________. A. truck B. horse C. motorcycle 9. A lot of people were on the train. It was _______________. A. arrive B. sick C. crowded 10. The numbers 37, 65, 99 are ______________________ numbers. A. single- digit B. double- digit C. left 11. Jack is _______________. He wants some water. A. hungry B. full C. thirsty II. Write the word that belong to the group. fight poor enter letter 1. dirty – sick – hungry _____________ 2. text message – e-mail - communication _____________ 3. strong - fierce - hunt _____________ 4. travel – visit - arrive _____________ III. Complete the sentences. 9. They arrived at school and e_ _ _ _ the classroom. 10. We can see a minus sign in all s_ _ _ _ _ _ _ math problems. 11. She studied very hard so she got A+ in her t_ _ _ s _ _ _ _. 12. Peter was g _ _ _ _ _ so he ate too many sandwiches.

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IV. Write the words. 1. This vehicle is very big only have 2 seats in front. _r___ 2. You need to do this if you have the information. __k 3. This helps light up the space. __m_ V. Choose the correct answers. E.g. I am happy because my test score / check was good. 1. Hurry up! You have only five minutes left / minus to finish this game. 2. The traffic lights are in a row / column. The top one is red, the middle is yellow and the one at the bottom is green. 3. The dog played in the garden all day, so it was very dirty / full. 4. Do you have anything to eat? I feel so hungry / thirsty. VI. Read and match. 0. having a lot of people or too many people * a. clerk 1. a person works in a shop to serve the customers * b. tired 2. numbers are less than ten * c. crowded 3. feeling that you would like to sleep or rest * d. e-mail 4. a way of sending messages and data to other people * e. single-digit numbers by using computers connected in a network VII. Read the definitions and write the words. The first letter is given to you. E.g. You do this when you go to new and faraway places. travel 1. We use computers to write this and send it to our friends. e____________________ 2. This is a line of things, numbers or people next to each other. r____________________ 3. We use this kind of math problem to take away one number from s_____________________ another 4. We use our phones to send this to our friends. t_____________________ 5. This flies in the sky. a____________________ 6. You can sit or lie in this to wash your body. b__ __ __ __ __ __ 7. The action when you come into a place. e __ __ __ __ 8. Students along ago went to school by this c __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 9. When you get this, you have no money or very little money. p __ __ __

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VIII. Circle the correct answers. E.g. The children ________________ football after school yesterday. A. play B. plaied C. played D. playyed 1. ________________ you at school last Sunday? A. Did you be B. Were C. Did D. Was 2. Adam ________________ a new ipad yesterday. A. buys B. buyed C. buied D. bought 3. I ________________ Paul at school. A. didn’t see B. didn’t watch C. didn’t saw D. didn’t watched 4. They ________________ too much alcohol two hours ago. A. drank B. drinked C. dranked D. drinks IX. Match the questions and answers E.g. Did they go to the park? * a. Yes, they did. 1. Where did you eat the pizza. * b. Yes, we were. 2. Did your mom make the pizza for * c. I traveled by airplane. dinner? 3. How did you travel to HCM city? * d. Yes, she did. 4. Were you at the cinema last week? * e. I ate it in the living room. VII. Complete the sentences. Write the past tense verbs. 1. Gorge __________ football with his father in the playground last week. (play) 2. Yesterday, Billy __________ cookies at the store. (buy) 3. Last night, we __________ Tom washing his car. (see) 4. My computer went wrong so my mother __________ me her iPad. (give) VIII. Put the words in the correct order. 1. enter / we / didn’t / building / the /. / a. We didn’t enter the building. b. The building didn’t enter we. c. We enter didn’t the building. 2. did / travel / school/ by / Emily / to / bus / ? / a. Emily did travel to school by bus? b. Did Emily travel to school by bus? c. Did travel Emily to school by bus? 3. carrots / how / left / many / were / the plate / on / ? / a. How many the plate were on carrots left? b. How many carrots on plate were the left? c. How many carrots were left on the plate? 4. took / three / cookies / the jar / Sarah / away / from / . / a. Sarah took three cookies away from the jar. b. Sarah took three jar away from the cookies. c. Sarah took away three jar from the cookies.

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5. me/ party/ Sarah/ invited/ birthday/ to/ her /. / A. Sarah invited me to her birthday party. B. Sarah me to her invited birthday party. C. Sarah invited her to me birthday party. 6. forgot/ He/ bring/ his/ to/ lunch box / school/ to/. / A. He bring to forgot his lunch box to school. B. He forgot to bring his lunch box to school. C He forgot to bring lunch to box his school. 7. we/ things, / subtract/ When/ we/ away/ them/ take/ things/ from/ other/. / A. When we take things, we subtract them away from other things. B. When we subtract things, we take away them from other things. C. When we subtract things, we take them away from other things. 8. bought/ at/ Billy/ cookies/ ten/ store/ the /. / A. Billy bought cookies at ten the store. B. Billy bought ten cookies at the store. C. Billy bought ten store at the cookies. 9. you/ pass/ Did/ final/ your/ test/ ?/ A. Did you pass your final test? B. Did you final your pass test? C. Did you test your final pass? A Trip to Antarctica Sharon Miller is a 12-year-old student at Seaview Elementary School. Last month, she took a special vacation with her father. They went to Antarctica to see emperor penguins! On October 18th, they took an airplane from California to Argentina. Then they got on a big ship with 90 other people. They went past giant blue and white icebergs in the sea. Two days later, they reached Snow Hill Island in Antarctica. They hiked through the ice and snow, past seals and seabirds. Then they saw the penguins. “There were thousands of them,” said Sharon. The penguins were noisy and curious. Sharon was delighted. “It was the greatest trip of my life,” she said. “I want to go back someday.” What is the main idea of this text? A. A new kind of zoo opens. B. A girl takes an interesting trip. C. Special animals live in Antarctica. Complete the chart with the correct words. airplane Antartica hiked penguins ship now 1. She saw seals, seabirds, and emperor __________ . 2. She took a(n) __________ from California to Argentina. 3. She took a big __________ . to Snow Hill Island in ____________. 4. She __________ . through the ice and __________. Now reorder the sentences in a correct sequence. ________ - ________ - ________ - ________