Review Quiz in Computer 9

  1. Computers
  2. 9 Grade
  3. Ira Mae Competente
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NAME: DATE: GRADE AND SECTION: 9 – PASSION PART 1 DIRECTION: Match the definition of Column A that can be found in Column B. COLUMN A COLUMN B 1. ATTRACTORS DOORSTEP OF A WEBSITE TO GO AROUND A 2. REACHING THE USERS WEBSITE’S WEB PAGES 3. HOMEPAGE TO GET THE ATTENTION OF THE USERS 4. USER’S SATISFACTION WEBSITE CAN BE FOUND THROUGH INTERNET EASILY 5. NAVIGATION CHANGING OF MESSAGES 6. CONTENT WITH THE DEVELOPERS AND USERS 7. SEARCHABILITY FEEDBACKS OF USERS TOPIC OF A WEBSITE PART 2 DIRECTION: Answer the following questions below. 1. How do we make sure that our website will be visited by lots of users? 2. In what way you can improve your website if users feel that it is too plain and simple? 3. What would you advice to your classmate when making a website?

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PART 3 DIRECTION: Determine which phase includes the steps in each number. Write: PRE for Pre-Production Phase PROD for Production Phase PUB for Publication Phase POST for Post-Production Phase ________1. Purpose of Website ________2. Information Design ________3. Visual Design ________4. Online Publicity ________5. Browser Testing ________6. Timeframe ________7. Interface Design ________8. Offline Publicity ________9. Spelling Testing ________10. Test Method PART 4 DIRECTION: Complete the Project Plan Below. November 8, 2021 Project Plan in Website Development NAME OF YOUR WEBSITE: WEBSITE DESCRIPTION: WEBSITE GOALS:

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