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5. ___________ Peter with you at the party? A. Were C. Do B. Was D. Did 6. cleaned / Children / room / last / the / week / . / a. Children the room cleaned last week. b. Children cleaned the room last week. c. Children last week cleaned the room. 7. walk / to / We / didn’t / school / . / a. We didn’t walk to school. b. We walk didn’t to school. c. We walk to school didn’t. 8. freezer / was / The / yesterday / closed / door / . / a. The freezer door yesterday closed was. b. The freezer door was closed yesterday. c. The freezer door was yesterday closed. 9. ever / She / to / listens / hardly / music / . / a. She listens hardly ever to music. b. She hardly listens to music ever. c. She hardly ever listens to music. VI. Look and choose the correct sentences. E.g. a. She studied English last week. b. She studyed English last week. a. They traveled to school. 1 b. They didn’t traveled to school. c. They didn’t travel to school. a. She lighted up the candle, so it didn’t melt. 2. b. She lighted up the candle, so it melted. c. She didn’t light up the candle, so it melted. a. We listened to the radio. 3. b. We didn’t listen to the radio. c. We didn’t listened to the radio. a. The cat chased the duck yesterday. 4. b. The cat chased the duck yesterday. c. The cat didn’t chase the duck yesterday. VII. Circle the correct answers. E.g. We clean / cleaned our room last night. 1. I don’t go / didn’t go to school yesterday because I was / were sick. 2. People didn’t travel / traveled by horse and cart long time ago. 3. People long ago don’t talk / didn’t talk on phones. VIII. Read and circle the correct answers. Roni was bored. Lately, Mother was always tired. She didn’t want to play hide and seek with Roni. She just wanted to sleep on the couch. “What is wrong with Mother?” Roni asked Father. “She doesn’t want to play with me anymore.” He smiled. “Mother is resting,” he said. “Soon, you

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