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VIII. Read and circle the correct answers. Roni was bored. Lately, Mother was always tired. She didn’t want to play hide and seek with Roni. She just wanted to sleep on the couch. “What is wrong with Mother?” Roni asked Father. “She doesn’t want to play with me anymore.” He smiled. “Mother is resting,” he said. “Soon, you will have a baby brother.” Then Mother went into the hospital. Father and Roni visited her that night. She had a little baby in a blanket. Roni looked at the little baby. She frowned. “Will you ever want to play hide and seek again?” “Yes,” Mother said. “Soon, this little boy will be able to play, too.” Then Roni wasn’t sad anymore. She looked at the baby and smiled because she knew that having a brother would be so much fun. 1. What is the main idea of the story? A. Mother was sick. B. Roni loved hide and sick. C. Roni had a baby brother. D. Roni’s fun day at the hospital. 2. Who usually played hide and seek with Roni? A. Mother B. Baby brother C. Father D. Roni doesn’t like hide and seek. 3. How did Roni feel when she knew she has a baby brother now. A. She was bored. B. She was sad. C. She was funny. D. She was happy 4. Find 3 details of the story. Put a tick if it’s the correct detail. E.g. Roni was bored because Mother didn’t play hide and seek with her. 1. Mother rested on the couch. 2. Father played with Roni. 3. Father and Roni visited Mother in the morning. 4. Mother had the baby in a blanket. 5. Roni hugged the baby brother. 6. Roni smiled at her baby brother.

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