Relative Pronoun

  1. English
  2. 12 Grade
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I. Choose the most suitable word to complete sentence. 1. My friend,Jack,(that, who, whose) parents live in Glasgow, invited me to spend Christmas in Scotland. 2. Here’s the computer program (that, whom, whose) I told you about. 3. I don’t believe the story (that, who, whom) she told us. 4. Peter comes from Witney,(that, who, which) is near Oxford. 5. This is the gun with (that, whom, which) the murder was committed. 6. Is this the person ( who, which, whose) you asked me about. 7. Have you received the parcel (whom, whose, which) we sent you? 8. That’s the girl (that, who, whose) brother sits next to me. 9. The meal,(that, which, whose) wasn’t very tasty, was expensive. 10. We didn’t enjoy the play ( that, who, whose) we went to see. 11. She gives her children everything (that, what, who) they want. 12. Tell me (what, that, which) you want and I’ll have you. 13.The reason (why, that, what) I phoned him was to invite him to party. 14. I don’t like people (who, whom, whose) never stops talking. 15. The day (which, that, when) they arrived was Sunday. 16. Ann,(whose, who, whom) children are at school all day is trying to get a job.