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Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns or relative adverbs. 1. Alexander Fleming, _________ discovered penicillin received the Nobel Prize in 1945. 2. The book _________I need can’t be found in the library. 3. Here is the beach _________is the safest for swimmers. 4. Do you know the American woman _________name is Margaret Michelle? 5. Jim, _________I have known for ten years is one of my closest friends. 6. John found a cat _________leg was broken. 7. This tree, _________branches are dry should be cut down. 8. The child smiled at the woman _________he didn’t know. 9. Children enjoy reading the books _________have coloured pictures. 10. The noise _________he made woke up everybody. 11. The house _________walls and roof are made of glass is a green house. 12. Rod lee _________sister I know is a film actor. 13. We saw many soldiers and tanks _________were moving to the front. 14. We must find a time _________we can meet. 15. I know a place _________roses grow in abundance. 16. The teacher with _________we studied last year no longer teaches in our school. 17. This is the house _________we have lived for five years. 18. Tom has three sisters, all of _________are married. 19. This doctor, _________you visited yesterday, is very famous. 20. The day _________she left was rainy.