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1. Choose the correct word to describe each person. a. outgoing b. dependable c. shy d. hard-working e. funny ____ 1. Artie studies for three hours after school every day. ____ 2. My older brother loves to meet new people. ____ 3. I don't like to talk to big groups of people. ____ 4. People always laugh when Kim is around. ____ 5. Yoko always helps her friends when they are in trouble. 2. Match the questions and answers. One answer is extra. a. My mom! b. No, sorry. I'm not. c. No, that's Tina. d. Yes, she is. She always makes people laugh e. No, they're not. ____ 6. Is Lisa the one who's really good at playing the piano? ____ 7. Is your sister funny? ____ 8. Are Rick and Bob the ones who are always talking on their cell phones? ____ 9. Who's someone who is dependable and hard-working? 3. Match each job to its description. a. someone who is creative, likes challenges, and likes to work with computers. b. someone who is creative, likes art, and likes to look at beautiful things. c. someone who is confident, likes to travel, and likes jobs that are exciting. d. someone who is smart, likes to go to space, and likes jobs that are dangerous. e. someone who is smart, likes challenges, and is good at talking and presenting facts. ____ 15. A lawyer is ____ ____ 16. A photographer is ____ ____ 17. An astronaut is ____ ____ 18. A pilot is ____ ____ 19. An app developer is ____

Worksheet Image