Reading Unit 7

  1. English
  2. 10 Grade
  3. My Hien
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Choose the best answers to complete the passage. Most parents want their children (1)…………… in life, and recognize that the Internet is one of the keys to success in the 21st century. But most parents also realize that the Internet is a world of bad websites and information with lots of (2)……………., pornography, and racist propaganda. (3)………… these risks, they are always very worried when the children are (4)………….. To help control the children's access to the Internet, some software companies (5)………….many filters, “blocking programs.” However, (6)……………..the development of these filters, people who support “freedom of speech” are working against them. One of these Peacefire, offers children ways around their parents' filter programs. They (7)………….. that parents should learn to trust their children. They also (8)………………… that most children are aware (9)……………..the dangers and usually do not enter websites (10)………………are not suitable for them. 1. A. succeed 2. A. intention B. to succeed B. interference C. succeeding C. violence D. am succeeding D. revelation 3. A. Because 4. A. network B. Because of B. constant C. Although C. onstage D. In spite of 5. A. are recently offering 6. A. despite B. offered recently B. although C. have recently offered C. because of D. recently offer D. because 7. A. say 8. A. apologize B. tell B. insist C. ask C. agree D. speak D. promise 9. A. up 10. A. who B. of B. Ø C. from C. which D. for D. they

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Read the following passage and choose the best answer to each the questions. CAN YOU IMAGINE A DAY WITHOUT TELEVISION? Growing up in the age of television, we sometimes forget that television is quite a recent invention although it has only appeared for 60 years. Most people lived life without a television, and even in some countries today, most families do not own one. There is no one single person who created the television. Instead, number of contributions led to it. In 1925, a Scottish scientist name John Baird created a mechanical TV, but it was very basic. Creating the television needed an understanding of other inventions such as electronic: lights, telephones, photography, and radio. Modern television became possible in the 1930s because of the invention of the cathode ray tube which made pictures out of electricity and radio signals. The first col television appeared in 1953, and became affordable in the 1960. Television became so common that people couldn't imagine a day without one. Television has affected our society in many ways. However problems have arrived with it. Although television provides a number great shows and educational programs, people have called it “idiot box.” Many people believe that it badly influences our minds. It can also be very addictive, so it seems to control our lives. Therefore, some even wonder that television reflects our society or our society reflect what we see on TV! 1. What does the word "it" in paragraph 1 refer to? A. the age B. television C. life D. family 2. The first TV appeared in……….. A. 1925 B. 1930s C. 1953 D. 1960s 3. We can infer from paragraph 2 that ……….. A. John Baird was an expert at a lot of scientific areas B. it took John Baird ten years to invent the television C. the television was a very complicated invention D. the television led to the invention of the cathode ray tube 4. The word "affordable” in paragraph 2 mostly means “…………..” A. distinctive B. responsible C. beneficial D. inexpensive 5. What is the main idea of paragraph 3? A. TV has educationally affected viewers. B. Despite its important role in our lives, TV has its own disadvantages. C. TV will control our lives soon. D. We have to reflect what we see on TV.