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Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage. Guidance is the process of helping persons (1)………….. the best possible decisions about their lives and aiding them in solving problems. It includes helping them to choose the proper courses to take in school and aiding the students in deciding what career to follow after their education is completed. Such decisions (2) ……..that a person has full and correct knowledge about himself and his world. A person must know the facts about himself and the kind of person he is and the kind of talent he has. He also must understand how social and economic changes may (3)……………. his decisions. Guidance aims to provide a person (4)…………… this information so he may make the best possible decisions in life. Guidance usually starts with helping students decide what they should take or what kind of curriculum he should follow. This is often a complicated decision for high school students to make. When a student decides to take a certain (5)…………., he may also be deciding how he will spend his life. 1. A. do 2. A. ask B. get B. order C. have C. think D. make D. require 3. A. vary 4. A. with B. make B. of C. affect C. on D. choose D. about 5. A. class B. school C. group D. course

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