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  1. English
  2. 12 Grade
  3. My Hien
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Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits th blank space in the following passage. People have always had difficulty (1)…………… the future. One of the least (2) ……………..forecasters was Lord Kelvin, who was President of an organizatic made up of the most important scientists of the day, called the “Royal Society”. The invention of the radio in 1895 was one of the greatest achievements of the 19th century, but Kelvin was not impressed and simply said, “Radio has no (3) ……………..”. He went on to make other wildly (4)…………… claims. Despite these embarrassing mistake he continued to look into the future. Shortly before the Wright brothers' historic fligh he said, “Heavier-than-air flying machines are (5) ……………….” 1. A. saying 2. A. succeed B. predicting B. successful C. speaking C. successive D. estimating D. unsuccessful 3. A. life 4. A. accurate B. present B. inaccurate C. future C. precise D. promise D. precisely 5. A. unreal B. unable C. impure D. impossible

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Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage. Are there intelligent beings on other planets in our solar systems? Most scientists not think so. If there are, the only likely place is Mars. It is fun to imagine our kind humans on other worlds, but they would probably look so different we might n recognize them as people at all. Living things have a wonderful way of adaptir themselves to conditions around in order to stay alive. Plants grow in the Arctic. Som simple animals can survive being boiled or frozen. Creatures live in the blackest depth of the sea under thousands of tons of pressure. We cannot really state that our kind of air is the only kind living things cou breathe or that they must have water or a certain climate. Creatures that breathed othe gases or lived in other temperature, however, certainly would not look like us. Are there people anywhere else in the universe? Maybe there are. In our own galaxy, there are billions of stars. Some must have planets with conditions like those on Earth. Somewhere in space, there could be other thinking beings. If their planets are older, they may know more than we do. They may already have travelled in space. 46. Scientists think that on other planets in our solar system there are ….. A. probably some other intelligent beings B. probably no other intelligent beings C. certainly some other intelligent beings D. certainly no other intelligent beings 47. Scientists think that any intelligent beings on other planets in our solar system……. A. would live under thousands of tons of pressure B. would be very different from us C. would have adapted themselves to conditions better than we have done D. would already be travelling in space 48. What do creatures do to stay alive if conditions around them change? A. To travel in space. B. To grow in Arctic. C. To go to other worlds. D. To adapt themselves. 49. Other human beings live ……………. A. possibly on other planets of stars in our galaxy B. possibly on other planets in our solar system C. possibly on other stars in our own galaxy D. everywhere in the universe 50. The word “They” in the last paragraph refers to……….. A. planets B. conditions C. other thinking beings D. billions of stars