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SPRING FESTIVALS From (1) _______ times people have celebrated the end of winter and the new life that spring brings. One of the most important Christian festivals is Easter, (2) _______ Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter, however, is not the (3) _______ spring festival. In Sweden, people celebrate the end of the winter by making (4) _______ bonfires. Fire also plays an important part in the Hindu festival of Holi. In some villages children are (5) _______ round bonfires by their mothers to protect them (6) _______ danger in the coming year. Buddhists in Thailand soak (7) _______ in water when celebrating their New Year, which (8) _______ in the middle of April. In Antigua in Guatemala they carpet the streets with flowers. Chinese spring parades are (9) _______ colourful, but (10) _______ flowers they have large dragon puppets which dance in the streets. 1. a. earliest 2. a. which b. latest b. when c. previous c. because d. old d. by then 3. a. single 4. a. giant b. one b. tremedous c. only c. extreme d. lonely d. huge 5. a. gone 6. a. in b. carried b. out of c. brought c. against d. run d. from 7. a. through 8. a. falls b. one other b. appears c. each other c. happens d. mutually d. occurs 9. a. the same 10. a. instead of b. as b. on behalf of c. not less c. in spite of d. equally d. place of

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