Reading part 4

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A I made sure that all of them were pet owners.

B I decided to travel to Chicago with Banjo.

C It took 20 drivers four days to reunite Banjo with his family.

D I asked the dog if it wanted to come home with me.

E I hope he won't go wandering again.

F His owners, Tina and Dan, were amazed to hear from me.

G It was clearly hungry, and needed to rest.

H I didn't know who the dog belonged to.

A He offered to drive them home.

B He'd been sleeping in the train station for three months.

C They'd missed the last train, and they seemed upset.

D They enjoyed living together, so Lee decided to stay.

E He soon found work in a local factory.

F They felt very lucky to have jobs and a home.

G It wasn't a big problem because he bought a flat.

H Karen explained that they lived two hours away and they couldn't afford a taxi home.

A I never travelled with the same train company again.

B When I arrived at the station, I couldn't believe my eyes!

C All my memories of Rome were in that backpack.

D I couldn't leave the station without my bag.

E It was so wonderful to see them.

F I knew I would never see my new phone again.

G I searched and searched, but it was nowhere to be seen!

H But, this time, there were no precious memories inside.

A The police called the Kerry Mountain Rescue Team.

B The hikers were huddled together in a small tent between two large rocks.

C They said it's extremely dangerous to go hiking in bad weather.

D Nobody answered back so we began to lose hope.

E We didn't know they had already found their way home.

F Suddenly, I heard the sound of a whistle.

G We were just about to start eating when my phone rang.

H After searching all night, we gave up and went back home.

A I've stayed out of the sea ever since.

B But the next bite never came.

C Six weeks later, I was back on my surfboard.

D Two months ago, I went surfing alone.

E I've always loved dolphins.

F I know I was in his home, and he was protecting it.

G I knew that I would survive the attack.

H This time it bit my leg and pulled me off my surfboard.

A After eight months of training, this was going to be easy.

B I slowed down, and the rest of my group moved away.

C But I had trained for this, and I was going to do it.

D There was no way I could finish the race now.

E The horn blew to start the race.

F I was very tempted to turn down my street and go home.

G I was so glad that I had decided to do this.

H Thousands of runners from all over the world were gathered for the race.