Reading n fill in (Tenses)

  1. English
  2. 12 Grade
  3. My Hien
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II. TENSES A surprising number of popular spectator sports, for example football or baseball, (1)…………… Europe or the USA in the nineteenth century. This did not happen by chance. It was the (2)………….of changes in the way people lived in those places at that time. Until then, more people lived in the country than in towns. They worked in small groups and had no regular time off. All these changed with the growth of factories and industry in the nineteenth century, first in Europe and (3)…………in the USA. For the first time, most people began to live in towns, and they found themselves with regular free time. They had more leisure time than ever before. This resulted in the need for organized entertainment. Suitable games developed or were invented, typically team games, in which the crowd could (4)………….. sides and become involved. This gave people some of the entertainment they needed in their free time. The recent explosion in TV, with the introduction of satellite and cable channels, has caused an increase in (5) …….. for sports as entertainment. The money TV has brought to games such as football, tennis and baseball means that spectator sports will certainly go on playing an important in our lives. 1. A. started 2. A. result B. start B. cause C. has started C. reason D. had started D. effect 3. A. lately 4. A. choose B. next B. take C. second C. select D. then D. decide 5. A. requirement B. need C. request D. demand

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I was born to dance. I've been dancing all my life, ever since my mother (1) ………….gave up a dancing career on the stage when she married my father, picked me up and twirled me around as an infant. As much as I loved dancing with her, her greatest gift to me was her “unconditional love” during her lifetime. My parents (2)………….after only 5 years of marriage, but my father remarried a lovely lady who also loved to dance. They used to (3)……… to a dancing club where I would listen to the music and watch them dance- occasionally my step-mother, Mary, invited me to dance. I also met my wife, Charlotte, in a dancing party. I danced with her for about 15 minutes, and during that brief span, I realized that I fell in love (4) ………..her. We kept dancing throughout our marriage. My earliest memories of dancing with my daughters started when I came home from work to our small home in Marblehead, Massachusetts, and my daughter Laura was about 3 years old. It was very relaxing for me to (5)………. the record player, pick up Laura in my arms, and dance her around the room! Our family danced a lot. My daughters, Laura and Anne, and I continued to dance on every occasion. One favorite memory I have of dancing with Laura and Anne was when I took each of them when they were seniors in high school to the Daddy-Daughter dance. We won both dance competitions! 1. A. he 2. A. divorced B. who B. devorce C. whom C. had devorced D. whose D. have devorced 3. A. taking 4. A. from B. to take B. to C. took C. of D. take D. with 5. A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn into