Reading Mid term 2


Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage. To many people, their friends are the most important in their life. Really good friends always (36) …….joys and sorrows with you and never turn their backs on you. Your best friend may be someone you have known all your life or someone you have grown (37)………with There are all sorts of things that can (38)…….. about this special relationship. It may be the result of enjoying the same activities and sharing (39)………….. Most of us have met someone that we have immediately felt relaxed with as if we had known them for ages. However, it really (40)……… you years to get to know someone well enough to consider your best friend. 36. A. have 37. A. up B. call B. in C. give C. on D. share D. through 38. A. provide 39. A. experiences B. send B. personalities C. cause C. savings D. bring D. possessions 40. A. has B. gets C. takes D. spends

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