Reading Listening Unit 7

  1. English
  2. 10 Grade
  3. My Hien
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Reading Computer virus With increasing development and use of computer technology, there is a new disease to worry about. Computer "viruses" program designed to sabotage computers, are infecting computers in corporation homes and universities. These viruses spread exponentially, much like biological contagion, and then disrupt the affected system. The virus secretly attaches itself to the alter files. The damage is generally activated by using computer's clock. Then, any program executed may be exposed to the virus including program spread through telephone connections. Because of the increasing incidents of virus infiltration, businesses and agencies are becoming wary of sharing software. Security policies need to be increased as immunity programs are being developed. Task: 1. Which of the following is the best title of this passage? A. Be aware B. Stop the clock C. Deleting the file D. Sharing software 2. The people most interested in reading this passage probably would be…. A. Medical personnel B. Computer users C. Government worker D. Health researcher 3. It is inferred that a company can best protect itself from the virus by …………. A. keeping clean B. spreading programs by telephone C. setting the clock correctly D. not using shared softwares 4. The virus is………………… A. a microbe B. an insect C. a disk D. a program 5. If the virus effect a computer, the result would probably be………….. A. lost information B. a broken computer C. sick personnel D. dead telephones 1

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Listening You will hear a conversation between two speakers who talk about the danger caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. These sentences are TRUE or FALSE 1. Winter has brought cold weather to many areas in Earth’s southern hemisphere. 2. In January, carbon monoxide killed 4 members of a poor family in central California. 3. They were using the device because they had failed to pay their heating bill. 4. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a problem in all parts of the world that do not experience cold weather 5. Listen to the last part of the report and fill in the blank with ONLY ONE WORD or A NUMBER. America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has studied ………………caused by carbon monoxide poisoning. It found that the average number of carbon monoxide deaths in the United States was …………………in the month of January. The CDC also found that carbon monoxide kills more than ……………….Americans each year. And, it said, more than twenty thousand people are taken to hospital emergency rooms for treatment of health problems linked to the gas. …………………….of them had to stay in the hospital to be treatment. 2