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READING Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete the passage Different regions have different rates of population growth. The 20th century saw the biggest (1)............ in the world's population in human history. In 2000, the United Nations (2)............ that the world population was then growing at the rate of 1.14% (or about 75 million people) per year. According to data from the CIA's 2005-2006 World Fact books, the world population currently increases by 203,800 every day. Globally, the population growth rate has been (3)............ declining from its peak of 2.19% in 1963, but growth remains high in the Middle East and Sub-Sahara Africa. While the regions with the highest growth are (4)............ Asia and Africa, the world's fastest growing rate are Hispanic- Latino origin, who make up 33 of the 75 million people born per year, or 44% of the world's population growth per year. Within the next decade, Japan and Western Europe are also expected (5).. ......... negative population growth due to sub-replacement fertility rates. 1. A.decrease 2. A.estimates B. fall B. has estimated C. decline C. estimated D. increase D. had estimated 3. A.steady 4. A. of B. steadily B. by C. steadiness C. in D. unsteady D. on 5. A. encounter B. encountering C. to encounter D. encounters

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