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WEEK 30 DAY Name:________________________________ Date:___________________ 1 Directions Read the text and then answer the questions. SCORE When you go to sleep at night, you probably think that you are not doing much. Your body is in one place, your eyes are closed, and you don’t talk to people. But your body is doing 1. Y N more than you think it is! Scientists have used special, sophisticated machines to study the way people sleep. They have found that your brain is actually very busy when you sleep. There are several stages of sleep in a sleep cycle. You go through the sleep cycle multiple times each night. Your brain’s activity level is a little different in each stage. The final stage 2. Y N of the cycle is called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. During REM, your eyes are moving even though you are asleep. That is how this stage got its name. Most of your dreams occur during REM sleep. 3. Y N 1. What is your brain doing while you 4. Which is a synonym for occur? are sleeping? 4. Y N A run A It is not able to work. B sleep B It is only a little busy. C 5. Y N happen C It is also asleep. D wake D It is very busy. 5. Which word describes the tone of ___ / 5 2. What is true about people during this text? Total REM sleep? A informative A They dream. B cautionary B They are awake. C funny C They talk a lot. D serious D They feel sick. 3. How else could you say asleep? A slept B sleep C sleeping D sleepwalk © Shell Education #50926—180 Days of Reading for Fifth Grade 189

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