Unit 15 - Reading comprehension


Name Zolak boarded his spaceship and blasted off from the planet Vartog. He was on a special mission to learn about earthlings. His spaceship landed gently in a desert. Zolak walked around looking for earthlings, but all he could see were rocks and sand. Then he looked down and saw a dark creature lying down right next to him. In fact, the creature’s feet were touching Zolak’s feet. Zolak was scared and tried to run away, but everywhere he went, the creature followed him. At noon, Zolak realized that the creature had shrunk to a very small size but was still right next to his feet. However, during the afternoon, the dark creature grew longer and longer! Then the strangest thing happened. Night came and the dark creature completely disappeared! Who do you think the dark creature was? ____________________________ Was the dark creature an earthling? yes no Do you think Zolak will give a true report about the earthlings when he returns to Vartog? yes no Why or why not? ___________________________________________________________________ Draw a line to match the object to its correct shadow. Copyright © Scholastic Inc.

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