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Reading TERM I TEST Name ___________________________________________________________ Grade__________ (F1_R_4) From Pam’s Journal I have always loved exploring new places and doing something useful at the same time, so when a friend told me about an animal centre in Thailand where I 1. Read text 1. For questions 1–5 choose the correct option A–D. could help animals, I knew it was for me. I packed my bag, got on the plane to Bangkok and travelled as far as Chiang Mai to spend a week in the Elephant Nature 1 Why did the narrator choose the Elephant Nature Park for her holidays? Park – a place where sick, lonely elephants and other animals find their home. A She wanted to explore this place very much. Together with twenty volunteers from Europe, ready to work hard for food, B She wanted to go to Thailand. accommodation and the animals’ happiness, I got on a bus which took us to the C She hoped to find a home for sick animals. park. D A friend recommended it to her. When we arrived, we walked around the place and the local guides told us what working in the park involved. After a simple vegetarian lunch, we went to our 2 What did the narrator enjoy the most on her first day? rooms which were right next to the elephant boxes, where the animals slept at night. A The view of elephants having a good time. Later that afternoon we watched the elephants taking a bath in the mud and eating B The vegetarian lunch. melons. This view of happy and free animals filled my heart with joy, which is still C Walking around the park. with me when I think about the time I spent there. After a long but exciting day, we D Sleeping next to elephants. all decided to go to bed early so we would be ready for another incredible day. The next morning, we all woke up at five a.m. because one of the elephants 3 Why did the narrator wake up at five on her second day? had a bad dream and started making a noise. After breakfast, our team spent the A She had to get up early every day. morning working in the field. It wasn’t an easy job, but not as bad as we thought. B A crying elephant woke her up. Then, we helped to wash the elephants in the river. It was just lovely to be so close C Her team had to work in the field very early. to them and play in the water with them. D She had a bad dream. On the other days, one of our tasks was to clean up the park of the food elepants left there – this was my favourite because I could watch the elephants in 4 What did the narrator do when the baby elephants got into their van? the park playing and eating. A She didn’t do anything. One day some of the baby elephants decided they wanted to get into our van B She stayed in the van with the other girls. when we were loading the corn onto it. The girls who were in the van got really C She asked for help. scared. They didn’t like it as the van started to move. I immediately called the guide D She walked the elephants back to their mothers. who was with us. When the animals saw him, they went back to their mothers. On the final night in the park, the park staff invited us for a special Northern 5 In the text the author Thai meal and fantastic entertainment by the local schoolchildren – they all danced A explains why she decided to go on a working holiday. for us, dressed in traditional costumes. We had a brilliant night together and were B describes the park and the animals who live there. ready to say goodbye to them the next day. In such a short time we became a family. C describes her experience in the park. The next morning, we went back to Chiang Mai and we all went shopping at the D invites other students to go to Thailand. local market. It was the perfect end of one of the best weeks of my life.

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