Read Write Unit 5


7. Paul decided to join the army after the first year at college and he was in it ever since. A. to join B. the C. at college D. was 8. Have you finished reading the English magazine which I lend you two weeks ago? А. reading B. the C. which D. lend 9. What was the name of the person whom bought your old motorcycle? A. was B. of the C. whom D. your 10. I invited 20 people to my party, some of them are my former classmates. A. invited B. my C. of them D. former III. Combine the following sentences, using relative clauses WHO, WHICH, or THAT. Use the first sentence as the the main clause. 1. The laptop is mine. You're using that laptop. 2. The man is my boss. He is working on the computer. 3. That is the video game. I liked that video game a lot. 4. Do you see a girl? She is wearing a black dress. 5. I haven't read the book. You're talking about that book.

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