Choose the words or phrases that best complete this passage. Deaf-blind people (6)______ in many different ways, determined by the nature of their condition, the age of onset, and what resources are available (7)______ them. For example, someone who grew up deaf and experienced vision loss later in life is likely to use a tactile mode of a sign language; others who grew up blind and later acquired (8)______ are more likely to use a tactile mode of their spoken or written language. (9)______ majority of people with sight and hearing impairments have had both sight and hearing throughout most of their lives, and experienced a loss of those sense through illness, injury or age. According to a recent study, about 4% of people over 60 in the UK (10)______ both hearing and vision impairments. 6. 7. A. contact A. to B. communicate B. for C. educate C. at D. address D. in 8. 9. A. deafen A. no article B. deafly B. a C. deafness C. an D. deaf D. the 10. A. has B. have C. are having D. is having  Writing: Rewrite the sentences without changing the meaning: 11. The Government has built a new highway in that town for a long time. (Passive voice) 12. He asked me to borrow the dictionary. I bought it last year.(Relative clause) 13. Jack lives far from his parents. He can’t meet them everyday (Conditional sentence) 14. We are talking about the book which was written by Charles Dickens. (Reduce a clause to a phrase)

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