Quiz in DRRR 1st Sem STEM Modules 1-10

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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education REGION IV-A CALABARZON SCHOOLS DIVISION OF BATANGAS CITY BANABA WEST INTEGRATED SCHOOL BANABA WEST, BATANGAS CITY Quiz in Disaster Readiness and Risk Reduction FIRST SEMESTER SY 2021-2022 Name: __________________________________ Date: ________________ Section: _________________________________ GENERAL DIRECTIONS: READ AND ANALYZE THE GIVEN TEST ITEMS AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. I. IDENTIFICATION Directions: Give the concept being referred to by the following statements. 1. A sudden calamitous event, bringing great damage, loss, destruction, and devastation. 2. A path along the Pacific Ocean characterized by active volcanoes and frequent earthquakes. 3. The elements at risk from a natural or man-made hazard event. 4. These are processes or conditions, often development-related, that influence the level of disaster risk by increasing levels of exposure and vulnerability or reducing capacity. 5. A type of vulnerability that incorporates population density levels, settlement location, site design, and infrastructure and housing materials. 6. It signifies the possibility of adverse effects in the future. It is derived from the interaction of social and environmental processes, from the combination of physical hazard and the vulnerabilities of exposed elements. 7. It is the characteristics and circumstances of a community, system or asset that make it susceptible to the damaging effects of a hazard. 8. It is the type of Hazard that arises through interaction of natural processes and human activities. 9. It is any agent in a workplace, can be an object or procedure that can cause potential harm. 10.It refers to knowing all the agents in a certain workplace that can cause accidents or any type of harm. II. Multiple Choice: Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer. 1. A natural disaster can be a _____________ . A. phenomenon B. terrorism/Violence C. technological/industrial issues D. complex humanitarian emergencies 2. During the initial stage of a disaster, almost all surface means of transportation within the community are disrupted by broken bridges, roads, and streets that are rendered impassable by landslides or floods. The restricted mobility of vehicles makes rescue and other emergency operations doubly difficult. What is this impact/ effect of disaster? A. economic impact B. social and political impact C. damage to critical facilities Address: Banaba West, Batangas City Contact Number: (043) 724-6177 Email: [email protected]

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