Quiz for Textual Aids

  1. English
  2. Jay Ann Amancio
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Quiz for Textual Aids Multiple Choice 1. It is a special chart that uses “pie slices” to illustrate comparative sizes of data. A. Pie graph B. Bar graph C. Pictograph D. Histogram 2. It uses pictures instead of words or numbers to present data. A. Pie graph B. Bar graph C. Pictograph D. Histogram 3. It refers to a traditional type of text that is read from the beginning to end. A. Non-Linear Text B. Educational Text C. Linear Text D. Non-educational Text 4. It is a sequence chart that shows the order of a series of events. A. Flow Diagram B. Venn Diagram C. Fishbone Diagram D. Concept Map 5. Which of the following sentences that describe the graphic organizer? A. It is a graphical representation of data using bars of different heights. B. It is composed of visual and graphic displays that have the key content information. C. A visual that show relationship between data. D. Illustrates the distribution of numeric data across categories. True or False 1. Venn Diagram is also known as Ishikawa Diagram. FALSE 2. Textual aids are refer to written texts, prints and some other way of writing for important words, graphs, or even pictures that provide support and understanding of texts. TRUE 3. Concept map, Venn diagram, Flow Diagram and among others are examples of graphic organizers. TRUE 4. Bar Charts help students organize information before, during and after a unit or lesson. FALSE 5. Timeline is unimportant in arranging the details of events in order. FALSE