1. English
  2. 7 Grade
  3. Jonathan Kirk
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Abstract or Concrete? Abstract nouns name or Concrete nouns name that can be recognized by thee. Organizers posted the map of the marathon route. Maria's joy at completing the marathon was infectious. For Lamar, success was the only outcome he would Consider. The community center became a place of refuge for many The boats weathered the storm in the harbor. The class made progress when everyone began working together The speakers took turns at the podium. Courage helps a person stand up and speak for what is right. A problem is really an opportunity for learning. The chairman hosted a series of debates to discuss the problems. Write a Senlemce Usnq a Concvele noun. CIrcie the nown (2 Wrilc a Sonane Usmg an abshract nan. Cwcle the noUN

5 senses
Type a "c" for concrete or "a" for abstract.