Q2G8_Lesson 1_Activity and Quiz

  1. Computers
  2. 8 Grade
  3. Ira Mae Competente
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NAME: GRADE 8 – RESPONSIBLE DATE: ACTIVITY IN LESSON 1 – ALTERATION TOOLS A. DIRECTION: Name the following tools in PS. Choose your answer inside the box below. Spot Healing Brush Clone Stamp Gradient Tool Patch Tool History Brush Tool Blur Tool Red Eye Tool Eraser Tool Smudge Tool Brush Tool Magic Eraser Tool Sponge Tool Pencil Tool Paint Bucket Tool Dodge Tool

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B. DIRECTION: Describe the pictures below. Look carefully at each photo from before and after editing of picture. PICTURE #1 PICTURE #2

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QUIZ IN LESSON 1 – PS EDITING TOOLS A. DIRECTION: Determine if the tool below belongs to the Selection Tool or Alteration Tool. _________________ Crop Tools _________________ Pencil Tool _________________ Slice Tools _________________ Magic Wand Tool _________________ Brush Tool _________________ Mixer Brush Tool _________________ Lasso Tool _________________ Pattern Stamp Tool _________________ Count Tool _________________ Background Eraser Tool _________________ Rectangular Marquee Tools Click _________________ Quick Selection Tools TURN IN _________________ Color Replacement Tool when _________________ Paint Bucket Tool you are _________________ Note Tool done in this workshe et. Thank you.