Q2G7_Lesson 1_Quiz and Activity


NAME:_________________________ DATE: GRADE 7 – ADORABLE QUIZ IN LESSON 1 – EXPLORING YOUR WORD A. DIRECTION: Identify what type of Tabbed Ribbons defined in each item. Type your answers on the blanks provided before the number. _______________________1. It is the default tab when you open MS Word 2016. _______________________2. Allows you to create documents to be sent out through email addresses. _______________________3. Allows you to import images, tables and headers and footers. _______________________4. Allows you to create table of contents, citations and bibliography. _______________________5. It shows the features of zoom, document views and macros tools. _______________________6. This is the guide for aligning text in a document. _______________________7. Developers of MS Word. _______________________8. The very first name of MS Word when it is marketed in 1983. _______________________9. It contains all commands you need to perform a task. _______________________10. A tab that appears when images, tables or other element in Document are selected. B. DIRECTION: Name the following Ribbon tabs below. 1. ______________________________

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