Q2G7_Lesson 1_Quiz and Activity

  1. Computers
  2. 6 Grade
  3. Ira Mae Competente
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NAME:_________________________ DATE: GRADE 7 – ADORABLE QUIZ IN LESSON 1 – EXPLORING YOUR WORD A. DIRECTION: Identify what type of Tabbed Ribbons defined in each item. Type your answers on the blanks provided before the number. _______________________1. It is the default tab when you open MS Word 2016. _______________________2. Allows you to create documents to be sent out through email addresses. _______________________3. Allows you to import images, tables and headers and footers. _______________________4. Allows you to create table of contents, citations and bibliography. _______________________5. It shows the features of zoom, document views and macros tools. _______________________6. This is the guide for aligning text in a document. _______________________7. Developers of MS Word. _______________________8. The very first name of MS Word when it is marketed in 1983. _______________________9. It contains all commands you need to perform a task. _______________________10. A tab that appears when images, tables or other element in Document are selected. B. DIRECTION: Name the following Ribbon tabs below. 1. ______________________________

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2. ______________________________ 3. ______________________________ 4. ______________________________

C. DIRECTION: Answer the following questions below based on the presentation last Monday (November 22, 2021).
1. What is the use of Ribbon Tabs in creating Document in MS Word?
2. What is the main difference of all the versions of MS Word?
3. What will happen if all of the command buttons in MS Word is not grouped?
4. What is the importance of command buttons in MS Word? How will this affect your document?
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ACTIVITY IN LESSON 1 – EXPLORING YOUR WORD (PART 2) A. DIRECTION: Specify the groups of commands to which this ribbon tab belongs. Choose your answer inside the drop-down menu in each item. ___________________________1. Paragraph ___________________________2. Footnotes ___________________________3. Proofing ___________________________4. Illustrations ___________________________5. Table of Contents ___________________________6. Start Mail Merge ___________________________7. Comments B. DIRECTION: Arrange the following Tabs to its proper arrangement in MS Word Ribbon. 1 DESIGN 2 INSERT 3 VIEW 4 REVIEW 5 MAILINGS 6 FILE HOME 7 LAYOUT 8 REFERENCES 9

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