Q2G5_Lesson 1_Keyboard Quiz and Activity

  1. Computers
  2. 5 Grade
  3. Ira Mae Competente
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NAME: _________________________________ DATE: __________________ GRADE AND SECTION: 5 – JUSTICE QUIZ IN Q2_LESSON 1 – COMPUTER KEYBOARD PART 1: UNSCRUMBLE ME! DIRECTION: Arrange the jumbled letters in each item. The definition of the correct answer is given from the third column. SCRAMBLED LETTERS JUMBLED LETTERS DEFINITION 2 WORDS It is only available in the ENMIURC DEYKAP standard computer keyboard. 2 WORDS It allows user to move cursor RAOWR ESKY in the document or any application. 2 WORDS HPAINCEMURLA It is the main part of the KAEPYD keyboard. 2 WORDS These keys have specific FINUTONC YKES functions depending on the program being used. 3 WORDS It provides control over text IMTONENNEVR handling and cursor ITSGETN EYK placement. 2 WORDS CSPIALE EKYS These are the helping keys. PART 2: WHAT AM I? DIRECTION: Name the following parts of a Standard Computer Keyboard. The choices are based from your answers in Part 1 of this activity. Type your answer on the blanks provided. 1. 2.

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3. 4. 5.

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ACTIVITY IN Q2_LESSON 1 – COMPUTER KEYBOARD (Part 2) A. DIRECTION: Match the words in Column A to its definition in Column B. COLUMN A COLUMN B 1. Caps Lock Key captures a screenshot quits the last command of an 2. Backspace application key that can be found both in 3. Shift Key alphanumeric and numeric keypad create five spaces forward 4. Spacebar erases a character on the left of a cursor 5. Tab Key when pressed first, all the letter to be typed will be in an upper-case format 6. Esc Key set a single character in an upper-case format 7. PrtScr Key B. DIRECTION: Look at your own keyboard and find what is being asked in each item. 1. Keys in Keyboard that starts with Letter “C” a. _______________ b. _______________ 2. Keys in Keyboard that starts with Letter “P” a. _______________ b. _______________ c. _______________ d. _______________ 3. Keys in Keyboard that starts with Letter “E” a. _______________ b. _______________