Q2G5_Lesson 1_Keyboard Quiz and Activity

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NAME: _________________________________ DATE: __________________ GRADE AND SECTION: 5 – JUSTICE QUIZ IN Q2_LESSON 1 – COMPUTER KEYBOARD PART 1: UNSCRUMBLE ME! DIRECTION: Arrange the jumbled letters in each item. The definition of the correct answer is given from the third column. SCRAMBLED LETTERS JUMBLED LETTERS DEFINITION 2 WORDS It is only available in the ENMIURC DEYKAP standard computer keyboard. 2 WORDS It allows user to move cursor RAOWR ESKY in the document or any application. 2 WORDS HPAINCEMURLA It is the main part of the KAEPYD keyboard. 2 WORDS These keys have specific FINUTONC YKES functions depending on the program being used. 3 WORDS It provides control over text IMTONENNEVR handling and cursor ITSGETN EYK placement. 2 WORDS CSPIALE EKYS These are the helping keys. PART 2: WHAT AM I? DIRECTION: Name the following parts of a Standard Computer Keyboard. The choices are based from your answers in Part 1 of this activity. Type your answer on the blanks provided. 1. 2.

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