Q2G5_L2_Special Characters

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NAME: _________________________________ DATE: __________________ GRADE AND SECTION: 5 – JUSTICE A. DIRECTION: Group the following sentences into two by writing the sentences with the correct punctuation marks in the first column and sentences with incorrect punctuation marks in the second column. Type your answers inside each text box. 1. “Yes please,” said Hazel. 2. “Call me up later,” Sophia remarked. 3. “I saw the snatcher?” Ellen exclaimed. 4. “She” “loves” dancing ‘zumba.’ 5. Leave your things on the table, said Natasha. 6. The coach said, “Youre amazing!” 7. “Are we going to Palawan?” Rosita asked. 8. “Please submit your papers,” the teacher commanded. 9. Joshua said, “I can’t be there because I have a class tomorrow.” 10. Jayver asked, “Can we have ice cream for today!” CORRECT SENTENCES INCORRECT SENTENCES

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