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Department of Education Region IX, Zamboanga Peninsula Division of City Schools AYALA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL Ayala, Zamboanga City GRADE 10 MAPEH S.Y.2021-2022 SECOND QUARTER SUMMATIVE TEST-II Name: _____________________________________________ Score/ Rating: ______________ Grade and Section: ________________________ Directions: Read and understand each item. Select the correct answer from the choices provided. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided before each number. 1. To make a particular part of the design catch the attention of the viewers, the artists usually make that part stand out by making it different from other areas of the design. Which of the following principles of designs is being described by the statement? A. Balance C. Proportion B. Emphasis D. Rhythm 2. Which of the following elements refers to the lights and darks of a color and being used to give an object a form? A. Line C. Space B. Shapes D. Value 3. Digital art came on the scene in the early 1960’s due to the developing and available technology at that time. Who were the first experimenters who had access to and experience with the hardware needed? A. Artists and Musicians C. Scientists and Engineers B. Doctors and Architects D. Teachers and Mathematicians 4. At the time where the technology is in the developing stage, what did the early experimenters had recognized during their access to and experienced with the hardware? A. They recognized that there is no artistic expression in creating art through the technology. B. They recognized the need of the digital artists to acquire the skills in manipulating the technology. C. They recognized the potential of using the technology in creating art that will vanish the traditional way. D. They recognized the potential of artistic expression through the application of scientific and mathematical principles. 5. Filipino artists were likewise influenced by the technology trend in art. Which of the following is a digital art created by a Filipno named Antonio Gorordo? A. Cityscape C. Polygon Drawings B. Des Ordres D. Schrotter 6. Which of the following digital arts is a pattern of concentric squares which is randomly disrupted in order to highlight the contrast between order and disorder and create tensions in the orthogonal structure? A. Cityscape C. Polygon Drawings B. Des Ordres D. Schrotter 7. Which of the following devices has evolved from a mere communication tool into a creative device that allows you to generate original works of art for an entire range of purposes? A. Digital Cameras C. Mobile Phones B. Laptop D. Television 8. All are examples of image manipulation programs and applications that can be installed and accessible in mobile phones except for __________. A. Adobe Corel Pro X5 C. Photo Grid B. Magic Mirror Booth D. Picsart 9. Which of the following refers to the image recorded by a camera and use as the raw material in creating an artwork using any programs and applications in mobile phones or computer? A. Film C. Video B. Photograph D. Video game 10. Which of the following techniques can help you create original images from scratch? A. Download an example of pattern to be used as your guide in creating new image from a scratch one. B. Make your own illustrations using specialized programs for image generation and manipulation. C. Take another picture using any available digital camera for editing using any image manipulation programs. D. Study further the process and techniques on how to manipulate images using any programs and applications in your mobiles phone and computer. 11. Which of the following are the tasks that traditional photographers use to perform manually? A. Crop, retouch, airbrush B. Filter, collage, text bubbles C. Frames, boarders, banners

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D. Warp effects, fish eye effects, skew 12.Which of the following guidelines in capturing a good quality image will help you set focus on the chosen subject? A. Check that the available background is relatively simple and not too cluttered. B. Avoid taking shots facing the light so that most of the details will not be lost in shadow. C. Choose an interesting location that can make a difference between a good and a great shot. D. Take a variety of shots so that you can then choose from among all the shots for the best photo or photos. 13. Which of the following is considered as the major component of entertainment to young ones of today’s generation? A. Dance Videos C. Social Media Accounts B. Family Outings D. Video Games 14. In what online platforms personally produced videos like music, dance, stage performance, tutorials and documentaries were constantly uploaded? A. Facebook C. Twitter B. Instagram D. Youtube 15. Recording the image using a digital camera or a device with built-in camera refers to which of the following digital art? A. Digital Painting C. Imaging Videos B. Digital Photography D. Video Games 16. Which of the following is not part of the functions of the Point-and-Shoot camera? A. It automatically makes all adjustments in lighting, focus, zoom-in and zoom-out B. It allows user to edit and change the background of the image taken and enhance the visual effects of the image C. It offers unique effects like “fish eye” or filters that allow presetting the photo to be taken with a colored tint or a special texture. D. It offers image enhancement features like adjusting color and brightness imbalances, as well as sharpening or blurring the image. 17. Which of the following technology is more accessible to the young ones used for communication and in capturing and manipulating image using any related programs and applications? A. Cellphones C. Digital Camera B. Desktops D. Laptops 18. How does the technology, such as imaging videos, help our professionals in the field of medicine and science? A. It makes the works in the field of medicine and science easy and achievable. B. It provides an updated and artistic way on treating any diseases and injuries of the patients. C. It becomes the stress reliever of our medical practitioners by engaging themselves in any dance videos or online games. D. It creates and records visual images of a patient’s internal anatomy in order to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries. 19. Using canvas, paints, brushes and other tools exist only within the computer in creating art is one of the techniques of which among the following art styles? A. Digital Painting C. Imaging Videos B. Digital Photography D. Video Games 20. Which of the following is a social media application and at the same time an image and video manipulation app? A. Doodle booth C. Pic Collage B. Instagram D. Snapseed Prepared by: ROGER C. JACINTO RAMIL F. DELA CRUZ LORENA V. DAYAPDAPAN MARJONE B. LADAGA (Grade 10 MAPEH Teachers)