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Name: _________________________________________ Grade & Section: _____________ Date submitted: __________________________________ Date Checked: ______________ SCIENCE 8 PARALLEL ASSESSMENT QUARTER 2 WEEK 2 – LAS 2 I. Multiple choices. Write the letter of the correct answer on the space provided before the number (Isulat ang letra ng tamang sagot sa blanko) WRITTTEN OUTPUT _______1. Epicenter is ________. a. the part of the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake b. a canyon in the southwestern part of the country c. a mall where you can buy the latest fashions d. the wearing away of the land by water or wind _______2. The epicenter of an earthquake is a. the location that emergency support workers meet during an earthquake. b. the size of an earthquake. c. the point on Earth's surface above where an earthquake occurs. d. the center of an earthquake. _______3. The point of Earth's surface above center of earthquake activity is called the_______. a. focus b. epicenter c. fault ________4. The point on Earth's surface that is directly above the focus of an earthquake is the_______. a. epicenter b. fault c. focus _______5. The focus of an earthquake is directly above the epicenter. a. True c. cannot be determine b. False d. none of the above _______6. Vibrations within Earth that are caused by the sudden movement of rock are called_______ . a. Epicenters c. faults b. Earthquakes d. tsunami

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