4th Summative Test in English_Q1

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_____ 4. banana santol orange A. They are all fruits. B. They are all sweet. C. They are all vegetables. _____ 5. cream butter cheese A. They are all dairy. B. They are all sour. C. They are all sweet. _____ 6. hammer saw screwdriver A. They are all instruments. B. They are all tools. C. They are all utensils. ducks cow pigs _____ 7. A. They are all birds. B. They are all farm animals. C. They are all fish. _____ 8. Independence Day Ramadan Labor DayThey are all holidays. A. B. They are all months. C. They are all reunions. _____ 9. carrot eggplant cabbage A. They are all fruits. B. They are all vegetables. C. They are all tools. _____ 10. bag notebook pencils A. School supplies. B. Medicine supplies. C. Groceries. ______________________ Parent’s Signature

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Fourth Summative Test Science 4 - Quarter 1 Name: ____________________________________________________Score: ____________ Grade/Section: __________________ A. Directions: Write YES if the given situations have a good effect in our environment and NO if not. _________1. Throwing of oil waste, chemicals and garbage in the riverside _________2. Illegal cutting of trees _________3. Burning of old tires _________4. Making hollow blocks out of sand and cement _________5. Buy items in refillable containers B. What kind of pollution is described in each situation? Write the letter of the best answer. A. Air pollution B. Water pollution C. Land pollution _________6. Farmers can no longer harvest vegetables. _________7. Red tide is affecting the northern coast of the country. _________8. The smell of the garbage is suffocating the villagers. _________9. Mine tilling are thrown in rivers. _________10. Garbage is thrown in empty spaces in residential areas. _________11. Factories release harmful smoke. _________12. Chicken manures release foul odor all over the town. _________13. Villagers dump their trash on a vacant lot at the back of the school. _________14. Fishermen use dynamite while fishing. _________15. Using detergent soap while washing clothes in the river. C. Draw a happy face if the given situation states change in the materials that are useful in the environment and sad face if it states harmful effect. _________16. Cutting and shaping pieces of used wood/lumber into chair. _________17. Water on rivers and streams become contaminated with plastic wastes. _________18. Lung infections and other respiratory diseases become rampant due to excessive smoke from factories and motorized vehicles. _________19. Recycling of waste for organic fertilizers. _________20. Dumping of garbage in bodies of water. ______________________ Parent’s Signature